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You actually have options.  Either you can procrastinate and miss another opportunity to learn, “to really learn” your favorite technology. Or you can take step towards your growth NOW.
You know what you want to learn, what you need to learn in order to set your path to advancement of your career. Here is another semester break, another opportunity to learn. You need an internship. Use this internship to learn something which will take you one step forward towards your goal, towards your dream career that you always wanted to pursue.
Imagine 30 days with an expert of a technology that you want to learn. A classroom in which you are most comfortable to ask questions and doubts, side by side doing practical and real projects. An internship well used.
Get intensive training on a technology of your choice and get certificates for training as well as internship.
We at VTU solution, are committed to deliver you value. Program details are as follows:
  • Intensive classroom training
  • Practical and real projects
  • 30 day duration
  • Free take away kit
  • N number of projects covered
  • Free support for major project
  • One program, two certificates:
  1. Winter training     2)  Industrial Internship  
Courses offered:
With FREE Software kit for each individual candidate
  • Android application development
  • Python
  • JAVA application development
  • Core application development in C
  • Website development using PHP 
  • Website development using CMS (WordPress)

With FREE Hardware and Software kit for each individual candidate
  • Internet of Things (IoT) with NODEMCU (free kit worth 2890 INR)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) with ARDUINO and WIFI module (free kit worth 3400 INR)
  • Robotics with ARDUINO (free kit worth 2570 INR)
  • Robotics with AVR (free kit worth 2200 INR)
  • Embedded systems with ARDUINO (free kit worth 2670 INR)
  • Python with Raspberry Pi (free kit worth 1290 INR, Not included Raspberry Pi)
  • Robotics with MATLAB (free kit worth 2570 INR)


Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning using Python (only 30 seats) – With FREE software kit
For all courses - 30 days (2 hours per day) with loads of practical hands on sessions
Training center:
#803, 2nd Floor, Giri Ganga building, 9th 'A' Main, Indira nagar  1st stage, Behind HDFC, Opp to Nagarjuna Hotel. Bangalore, (Near Indiranagar metro station)
B.E. | B.Tech | M.E. | M.Tech | BCA | MCA (Any year, any branch)
For courses with FREE Software kit per candidate:
5999 INR per candidate (Group discount available)
For courses with FREE Hardware + Software kit per candidate:
7199 INR per candidate (Group discount available)

For Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning using Python course:
7999 INR per candidate (Group discount available) (Early bird registration discount available) 

  • Group means 4 or more candidate registering together
  • Group discount across all courses are flat 10% ( fee will be reduced by 10% for each candidate)
  • Early bird registration discount is flat 20% ( fee will be reduced by 20% for each candidate) ( This discount is only valid for AI with ML using Python course)
Click here to Register Now by just paying registration fee of Rs. 300.
( Rest fees to be paid at training center)

OR Click here to fill this form to show your interest in training

For any other information or clarification:
Call or WhatsApp,  VTU solution : +91-6201422556
Call or WhatsApp,  KARD : +91-9818631137

KARD official website:                                    KARD FB page      
http://www.kardindia.com            https://fb.com/kardindia            
<![CDATA[Getting internship is Easy]]>Mon, 10 Sep 2018 04:55:56 GMThttp://vtusolution.in/blog/getting-internship-is-easyWe have options for you
We have done it before. Last semester we had Collaborated with 'Key Center For Research And Development' for Internship of 4 weeks (See pictures here.)
 This time it is going to be more exciting and different. We are going to recommend your name to more than 2 companies in the area of your Interest. Excited? Read more below.

How we Work?

It's simple, We make process simple for you.
You just have to fill form where you have to give basic details and area of your interest.
We will send it to companies based on your interest and Companies requirement. 
You will get a call and mail regarding confirmation and other required details before beginning of sem break.
Join your internship and start learning in sem break.
No hassle, No worries.
Click here to fill form.
There are limited seats in every companies and names sent first have more chances to get selected. So we give you an option to opt for Premium. You just need to pay for a Coffee (i.e. Rs 20) and your form will be given preference while sending names to companies. Click here to get upgraded to Premium.

What are options Available?

There are various options available for you. We have tried to cover all trending options. Below are list of choice for you.
Android application development
JAVA application development
Core application development in C
Website development using PHP
Website development using CMS(Wordpress).
Digital Marketing
Internet of Things (IoT) with NODEMCU
Internet of Things (IoT) with ARDUINO and WIFI module
Robotics with ARDUINO
Robotics with AVR
Embedded systems with ARDUINO
Python with Raspberry Pi
Robotics with MATLAB
Machine Learning with Python
Introduction to Web Development
Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing
Augmented Reality /
Virtual Reality
Internet of Things
Cyber Security
Block Chain
Gesture Control Robot
Bluetooth Controlled Robot
Arm Robotics
Swarm Robotics

Am I Eligible?

You need to be pursuing BTech/B.E  or MCA or MBA or MTech.
Most required thing is your passion, Rest we will take care.


Location will be in Bangalore. 

How can you COntact Us?

You can contact us by Whatsapp :- +916201422556
You can also contact us by Chat or Mail, For more details Visit our Contact Us section.
<![CDATA[Internship and summer training for VTU students]]>Sun, 10 Jun 2018 04:45:40 GMThttp://vtusolution.in/blog/internship-and-summer-training-for-vtu-studentsWith new rules of vtu we are here to help you.Picture
                                          Want to use your summer wisely?
Hot and chilling summer is here and this is the time when we all are busy in two different things. First one is EXAMS and another one is SUMMER INTERNSHIPS. Well as being an engineer, EXAMS are something we can handle easily. But, we understand the value of a good internship. A good Internship or training program ensures that we have utilized our summer properly. Although, we all know that program like this for skill development are something which can help us in getting our desired career. And because, we at VTU solution are committed to deliver you value. Hence:

                  Summer Training cum Internship Program

VTU solutions have collaborated with KARD India to deliver you a value summer training cum internship program in this summer of 2018. KARD India is key-center for Research and development and is one of the leading company in its area. 
Read the full article for knowing whole details and Process.

                        Program Details:-
  1. Name of program - IIP (Industrial Internship Program).

  2. Certificate - Every candidate will get 2 certificates. One is of summer training and another is of Industrial internship.
  3. Kit - Every course is included with a free take away kit (Either Software only or Software + Hardware) for every individual candidate.
  4. Projects - Within the training period candidates will develop 'N' number of projects.
  5. Final year project - Free support to every candidate for their final year major projects.

    (Program duration is for 30 days & is strictly in accordance with VTU Rules.

  Courses offered:

With FREE Software kit for each individual candidate

  1. Android application development
  2. Python
  3. JAVA application development
  4. Core application development in C
  5. Website development using PHP .
  6. Website development using CMS(Wordpress).

With FREE Hardware and Software kit for each individual candidate

  1. Internet of Things (IoT) with NODEMCU
  2. Internet of Things (IoT) with ARDUINO and WIFI module
  3. Robotics with ARDUINO
  4. Robotics with AVR
  5. Embedded systems with ARDUINO
  6. Python with Raspberry Pi
  7. Robotics with MATLAB
Course duration:
For all courses - 30 days (2 hours per day) with loads of practical hands on sessions.

Training center:
#803, 2nd Floor, Giri Ganga building, 9th 'A' Main, Indira nagar  1st stage, Behind HDFC, Opp to Nagarjuna Hotel. Bangalore, (Near Indiranagar metro station)

B.E. | B.Tech | M.E. | M.Tech | BCA | MCA (Any year, any branch)

For courses with FREE Software kit per candidate:
5999 INR per candidate

For courses with FREE Hardware + Software kit per candidate:
7199 INR per candidate

Key features

  1. Course content are designed after intensive research in respective domain.
  2. Content for all the courses are more focused on basics and are loaded with practical hands on sessions.
  3. Program is designed in a way that it gives you a proper training on the technology you have selected, plus you make many projects within the training.
  4. Complete support is complementary with this program for final year major project for every candidate.
  5. KARD is known for its quality. So, you can be rest assured for training content and delivery quality.  

Limited seats (Only 100) are available! So, get yourself registered ASAP.
Registration Process: - 
1. Fill the form Below (below Contact details) or Click here

2. After submitting form successfully, you will get payment link. Click on that & pay registration fee. Offers are waiting there for you.
(Or You can come back here and pay for registration. OFFERS BELOW)

  Click Here to Pay For Individual Registration

  Click Here To Pay For 2, (100 OFF)
 Click Here TO Pay For 3, (150 OFF)
   CLICK Here To Pay For 4, (400 OFF)
If your group is bigger contact us for special links, contact details are below.
(All Payments are completely secured by HTTPS protocols)

3. Send Pic Of your College ID, Letter for Internship in the name of KARD India and transaction screenshot on mail id Support@vtusolution.in for verification.

4. You will get mail with your batch Id and timing.

5. You can also register in group for discounts.

Contact Details : - 

You Can directly Contact KARD India for details and don't forget to give reference of VTU Solution for Internship in Bangalore. (Without reference they might not entertain your call)

Call - 9818631137
Whatsapp : - 6201422556
Email - info@kardindia.com
              - admin@vtusolution.in
Kard India Website - http://kardindia.com
Summer internship in Bangalore
Summer internship in bangalore for vtu students
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<![CDATA[Earn online in 15+ ways]]>Thu, 28 Dec 2017 16:00:00 GMThttp://vtusolution.in/blog/earn-online-in-15-waysEarning was never this easy
New year has started with new resolutions.​ Without waiting much let's start giving good look to our resume by learning new skills. Skills which will pay you back soon after learning. 

Do You Know ?

With Increasing Use of Data and decreasing mobile data Price, We have got awesome opportunity to earn Online.

After Introduction of JIO in India, India has become number 1 in data uses. It has tremendously increased in ways we can earn online.

On an average you can earn Rs. 15000 - 20000 per month from content writing.

On an average you can earn Rs. 40k - 50k by freelancing in India and that too working in spare time.

You can earn Rs. 7000 - Rs. 10000 by ads on website in beginning and it can go as high as 13 lakhs per month as in case of SHOUT ME LOUD.

You can Earn Rs 5000 - 9000 per month by affiliate marketing, actually by doing nothing.

You can earn an average of 40k from stock marketing per month and that too by paying attentions to financial news only.

We are going to personally guide you all on how to start earning while still in college. In this Journey you will learn new Skills too. Coding Absolutely not needed. If you know it will be a booster.

You love Dancing ? You Love Writing ? You Love Coding ? You Love making Jokes ? Or is it Surfing Net? Or is it Just Playing Games? Be it anythings....You can earn money by doing it in way that can fetch you money.

​There are many ways you can earn and lessen burden on your parents and become self sufficient. We search on google about ways of earning and end up doing nothing because of lots of options. Those options leads to many routes and we loose our target.

Personally talking we are earning more than Rs. 15,000 per month by just ads on our websites. Other incomes added to it become more than we had thought in beginning.

We think everyone can do it. As you can see lots of new YouTube channels coming up these days. All of them earn through ads and affiliate marketing.

What can be better when I tell you can get all
​this by just doing what you Love..... 
We have designed a course which will personally guide you through each steps in starting earning. We have decided to keep it short and focused more on productivity. There are 3 duration of course. Increasing weeks means more ways and hence more earnings.

​What will you get after doing this course ?
--> Learn Website making. (CMS)
--> Digital marketing.
--> Learn Blogging.
--> Strategies to rank website in organic search.
--> SEO.
-->Affiliate marketing.
--> Fundamentals of earning by freelancing.
--> Fundamentals of stock marketing
--> Earning by content writing.
--> Course Completion certificate.
--> Certified by google.
--> Chance to work with Us.

2 weeks course has basic contents and it will help you to earn around 2000 - 4000 per month. You will start earning in 1-2 months after taking this course.
3 weeks Course has Advanced Contents with more ways to earn and earning will be around 4000 - 6000 per month. You will start earning within 1 months after taking this course. You will also get free lifetime support. 
4 weeks Course has premium contents with almost all ways to earn online. You will start earning around 6000 - 9000 and it will increase to 15000 - 30000 in 5-6 months. You will also get lifetime free on call and mail support.
When will we start this course ?

We are starting from 12th Jan, 2018. You can join anytime & count your course duration from that time. 

So next question is how much you need to invest ?
Dedicate 1-2 hours/day. Everything will be online. Course content will be mainly in text, Image & videos. We have researched content and proven ways for success.

 How much we charge for helping with all these ?
For 2 weeks - Rs. 350
For 3 weeks - Rs. 550
For 4 weeks - Rs. 700
We bear Taxes and Convenience fees. We have to bear serves charges and various other charges in need to make contents for you. We work on No Profit & No Loss for this course. Your money will be used for education of children. Pay for smile on your face and those children.

How to register and Pay ?
Click On link below & Pay for course selected. We accept all debit card, credit card and net banking. Once you have paid we will mail you all details.
Have a new start this year.
Have questions ?
Ask Us by whatsapp 9931999977 or mail us at Admin@vtusolution.in

We recommend you to go For 3 weeks or 4 weeks course for Best Result. GOOGLE CERTIFICATE is given in 3 weeks and 4 weeks course only. 

<![CDATA[Dream ! Dream ! dream ! but how ?]]>Wed, 13 Sep 2017 13:06:09 GMThttp://vtusolution.in/blog/dream-dream-dream-but-howWhat's secret of dream? Why only few people's dream come true? 
Having Dream in Life motivates us to work. We all dream to have successful life, a huge amount of money in Life, happy family with name and Fame. 
All successful person forces on having DREAMS in life but then why only some of us become successful ? What the secret of Dreams coming true ? What's the difference between dreams of successful Person and Straggler ?
Here you will get all answers today. Let's start with Importance of having dream.

transform life
"If you don't build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs".
Let's think of some real life situation. What do you think before movie of you Favorite Actor/Actress is going to be released ? Booking first show ticket , right ? What do you think before appearing in an Interview or Test ? Passing with flying colors , right ?
But now think how many of us get success in booking first show ticket or getting 1st rank in test ? Very few right ? Why so that we will discuss in later part 
Very few right ? Why so that we will discuss in later part.
Before that just feel the happiness of the moment when you wake up before alarm, happiness just after completing assignments and happiness of the moment when achieve something after failing a lots of time.
Dreams are important to get that happiness in Our Life. Yes Unknowingly or Knowingly every time we first dream to get it. 

dream to reality
"Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action." - A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
 This is exactly how it goes. Every time we want something we dream of it and to clear it we don't need to sleep for dreaming. Every time we think of having something our brain makes a picture of that. Just try by thinking about your crush this time.....Did you see an Image ? So now the question is why don't we achieve all we want to have ?
It's Because we always don't dream in right way. Yeah ! There is difference in between your dreams which become true and other which don't. So let's have a look at some key-points :- 
1. Many times we Underestimate ourselves. When we think earning 6 figure   per month we underestimate our ability and let our mind think it's                     Impossible. But to be honest you always don't need a job.....change the way      and it's possible that  you can be job creater. Just don't kill your Dream in           One go. 
2. Lack of clear vision - Many of our dreams are because of that 'Sharma ji ka     Beta'. Believe it or not when you try to figure out why do you want to many    things which you are running for, then you are going to find that many of        them are motivated because someone told it has better scope or Some Ads    of company impressed you or Some of your friends have that or Your                 parents told you to compete with 'Sharma ji ka Beta'. 
 I have seen many people changing their dreams in just a couple of minutes just because they found some other option more easy. This way it doesn't work. What needed is clear vision. Dream should be your .....truely Yours. It should be such that even after failing many time you are ready to try once more. Remember how bulb was discovered ??? 
one goal
4. Do you Know Yourself ? :- Try to recall when you talked to yourself last           time ? It's quite long time before , right ? If not in your case then you are         better than 79 % of population. We are so busy that we don't find time for      other and for ourselves too. What do you answer when you are asked               about your Weakness ? Easily getting emotional or being very kind or               similar answer. It's because We don't know Ourselves.
Knowing Ourselves include Knowing Our strength , Our Weakness , Our Passion, What makes us Happy, Which environment suites us, what's our talent and don't be amazed if I say it includes Knowing our favorite Dish.
    So how it is helpful ? If we Know ourselves better then we can know what we really need. We can create a clear Roadmap  for making dream true based on our strength and weakness. 

Now the answer of question we had at beginning. There are certain which can let us achieve anything we dream of. 
dream big
1. Set your dream big, Big enough for           your need but not greed. 

don't waste time
2. Make a Routine and have control on    your life. Don't waste time on                          unnecessary Stuffs because what matters  at last is how Successful You are. Success   brings happiness too.  

give your best
3. Practice , Practice and Practice...... It's           truly said practice makes a man                      perfect. When you feel you can try and        do the work then Do it......If you                         didn't get it then try again. Give Your             Best.

follow your heart
4. Build a good team if needed. Don't        Select best one. Select those who        believe in You. Be with those can    direct you in right direction.Many        times we have to make tough choices ,  at that time choose what your heart  feel right. It may cause temporary loss but eventually it leads you near to  your dream. Never do unethical things.

achieve goal
5. When you start loosing interest in        your dream just thing what it can           give you when your dream will be a      reality. It will make you feel happy.      Read real life straggler's stories. Your    dream should be your reason to wake  up in morning. Keep dreaming about your dream.  

So what Now ? dream , set and Go !

Arise , Awake and Never stop
<![CDATA[Make your dream true - be india's next big stat-up]]>Sat, 19 Aug 2017 05:16:06 GMThttp://vtusolution.in/blog/make-your-dream-true-be-indias-next-big-stat-upIndia Innovation Challenge Design Contest 2017 - get funding worth 3.2 crore
           INNOVATE WITH INDIA, CHANGE THE WORLD!Texas Instruments (TI) invites all student innovators, thinkers and makers of the country to join the revolution, who have a dream to create something new, aspire to make a difference, contribute to India’s success towards becoming an Innovation Hub and strengthen Make in India Program.
This program has been brought to you by TEXAS instruments in collaboration with Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB), Department of Science and Technology (DST) and supported by GOVT OF India.

  • The contest is open for all Indian engineering students pursuing undergraduate, postgraduate & Doctoral degrees with Indian engineering colleges.
  • All the participants must be Indian Nationals
  • TI will be providing TI tools worth up to USD 200 for each team free of cost. You must use all TI devices in your solution.
Qualifying Round (July 2017 – Nov 2017)
Phase I (Jul 2017 – Sep 2017)

All participating team have to submit form to enter round 1. This form will be reviewed by a panel of domain experts against two categories – Business Potential and Technical Innovation. Shortlisted team will be called for round 2.
Awards: Participation Certificate from TI & NSRCEL, IIMB (Only for Eligible Proposals)

Phase II (Oct 2017 – Nov 2017)
 Team has to submit a detailed proposal document. They will be guided by experts from IIM Bangalore to prepare their proposal. Teams must submit the proposal by Oct 30th, 2017. Selected proposal will be called for round 3 after being reviewed by Panel.
Awards: Participation Certificate from TI & NSRCEL,IIMB (Only for Eligible Proposals)

Quarter Finals (Dec 2017 – Apr 2018)
TI will be providing TI tools worth up to USD 200 for each team free of cost. In this round of the contest, teams are expected to create a hardware prototype as a proof of concept of their idea and submit the following by Mar 31, 2018.
  • a. Project report / a technical paper.
  • b. Video demonstration of their prototype.
The submissions will be reviewed by a panel of experts and shortlist teams will be announced by April 30, 2018
Awards: Participation Certificate from TI & NSRCEL, IIMB

Semi Finals (May 2018 – June 2018)
The Semifinalist teams will be invited to the Regional Demonstration and Evaluation event for live demonstration and evaluation of their project. These events will be held in June 2018 and shortlisted teams for Finals will be identified byJune30, 2018.
Awards: Certificate of Excellence from TI & NSRCEL, IIMB 
Cash Prizes from TI for each team

Finals (July 2018 – August 2018)
Each selected team for Finals will receive Product Development Fund from DST for field testing and prototyping. Select finalist teams will be invited to Final Evaluation event in August 2018 and top teams will be selected for Incubation at IIMBangalore. Top teams will receive additional seed fund from DST to launch their startup.
  • Certificates from TI &NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore
    • Participation Certificate in Qualifying Round & Quarterfinals
    • Certificate of Excellence in Semifinals and Finals
    • Certificate after Incubation at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore
  • Overall Prizes and Funding of INR 3.8 Crores
  • Opportunity for a team to win INR 32 Lakhs for their team
  • Cash Prize for Best Women team

for other details like application process , guidelines, terms and conditions ; click here .

<![CDATA[3 internships to be mandatory for Engineering students: HRD India]]>Wed, 02 Aug 2017 14:47:49 GMThttp://vtusolution.in/blog/3-internships-to-be-mandatory-for-engineering-students-hrd-india​Prakash Javadekar introduces fresh reforms for Education, makes 3 internships mandatory for Engineering Graduates 3 internship for engineering studentsclick for internship option in your college
In order to improve the employability of the engineering graduates, AICTE has planned to make three internships compulsory for undergraduate students.
In a move aimed at improving their employability prospects, engineering students across the country will have to undergo at least three mandatory internships during their course from this academic year. It will be the responsibility of colleges to ensure internship for students.

“Every student in technical institute should undergo three internships each spanning four to eight weeks before completion of his/her under-graduation course. The responsibility will be on the institute to help students find a suitable industry for the internship,” Javadekar was quoted as telling the Lok Sabha on Monday.
Javadekar’s statements come in the context of AICTE data from 2015-2016 which asserted that in 10,328 technical institutes, only 6.96 lakh students got campus placements out of a whopping 15.87 lakh students.
The low-employability levels are attributed as much to the lack of requisite skills as the falling demand in the industry.
Meanwhile, the teachers of engineering institutes will have to take up online courses offered on government’s SWAYAM portal. “Every teacher in each of the technical discipline shall mandatorily undergo an annual refresher course through SWAYAM portal (Massive open online course), encapsulating all advances in their field of study. 
The meeting also derived that, in the technical institutions at least half of the programmes should be accredited through the NBA before the year 2022. A faculty member of Anna University said that “It will be difficult to find industries for lakhs of students who study engineering to do internship. Leading industries are not even allowing students for industrial visits because of the apprehension that their prototypes could be leaked. So, it will be difficult to convince such institutions to allow students to do internship with them for 4-8 weeks.”

(Stay tuned and like our Facebook page to get internship offers near you )

Sumit Raj

​curiosity overloaded

<![CDATA[Internship and Training in Sem Break]]>Wed, 14 Jun 2017 13:00:00 GMThttp://vtusolution.in/blog/internship-and-training-in-sem-breakInternship and Training Program For VTU StudentsInternship for vtu students
We feel happy to inform you that  VTU Solution has been collaborated with KARD INDIA™ to bring a quality internship cum training program in our city. 
KARD INDIA™ is a pioneer  organization in research and training domain. It has it's headquarter in New Delhi and branch offices in Noida, Jaipur, Agra, Gaya, Patna and Chennai. We at VTU solution understand the need of quality training for students. Hence, we are bringing this program to our city. All programs are designed after an advance industrial research in respective domain. Programs are meant to boost your practical exposure, knowledge and career. All programs are having a course content including very basics of respective domain along with advance and industrial concepts.
In this sem break we are organizing Internship and training program for 7 DAYS and 15 DAYS. All Programs 

are focused to boost your career and Knowledge. It will give you an insight of how things works and how to design something on your Own. 
It is designed to increase your practical knowledge which is needed to work in Company after Placement. Ratio of TRAINER TO STUDENT is 1:10.
You don't need to have any pre-requisite knowledge, We will train you from SCRATCH.

KeyFeatures :- 

1.  It is an Industrial Internship cum Summer Training Program.
2. You will get a Industrial certificate of internship .
3. This training itself covers 'N' number of mini projects.
4. Free technical support for major project.
5. Yo will Get Free take away kits (Hardware and software both)

Courses Offered

With software kit take away:

1. Android application development
2. Core JAVA
3. Website designing and development
4. C language
5. Big data with Hadoop
6. Ethical hacking
7. Cyber security

With hardware & software kit take away:

1. Internet of Things (IoT)
2. Embedded systems with Arduino
3. Robotics with AVR
4. Robotics with Arduino
5. Analog circuits with LABVIEW
6. Robotics with MATLAB

Eligibility - B.E. | Btech | M.E | Mtech | MCA | BCA
                             All braches 

Charges :- for 7 days - Rs.3500
                         for 15 days - Rs. 4500
                         (no hidden charges)
For Detailed Course View Click Here to download Course details
To register click here or fill form below
<![CDATA[Vtu question Papers]]>Sun, 11 Jun 2017 13:42:14 GMThttp://vtusolution.in/blog/vtu-question-papersQuestion Paper of vtu For all sem are published. Previous Year Question Papers plays a vital role in preparation for exams. Follow link to Get question paper now. Click Here]]><![CDATA[REVISED Academic calendar for the EVEN Semester for B.E / B.Tech / B.Arch.]]>Wed, 07 Jun 2017 01:37:48 GMThttp://vtusolution.in/blog/revised-academic-calendar-for-the-even-semester-for-be-btech-barchVtu has published new time able and Academic Calendar for Even Sem. Date of commencement of New sem is changed. Students have got some more days for Sharpening their edge. Check new Exam Routines here - 

Vtu Revised Time Table for B.E/Btech

File Size:597 kb
File Type:pdf
Download File

Vtu Revised Academic Calendar 

File Size:1484 kb
File Type:pdf
Download File